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Pete Radovanovich - Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"Medal received and am very pleased!! Thanks much!"

Jes Haberlandt - Denmark

I have just recieved the Bulgarian Red Cross medals. Thanks for the deal. Hope to deal with you in the future!!!!! You are wellcome to contact me, if you have any interesting RC Medals for sale.


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Charity Hegglund

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David Fordham - UK

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David Fordham - UK


Dietrich Riemer

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Dietrich Riemer

"Thanks for your kind replies to all my questions. I am very impressed by your Web site and your material."

Krystian Bednarski - Canada

"Just received the book and the medals!!!!!!! I am very happy with everything. Thank you so much. I will keep checking your site for more items in the future. Thanks again."

Joe Kreahling

"Greetings M'friend. This Is Quite A Web Site You've Set Up. Being A WWI Pilot Badge Collector, It's Great Seeing Some Really Interesting Things. A Bulgarian Zeppelin Pin, Not In My Wildest!"

Gerhard Brandl

"I visited your pages...very well done."

Mark Ravery

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Mike Poster

"I have received my first purchase from Vicmart today - an excellent FIFA Delegate Pin. Brilliant service from a brilliant website. Many thanks."

Chris Stefanovich

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Mike Poster

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