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Anita Bonic - Australia

The ring I purchased is wonderful and a unique find. The way it was packaged by Vicmart was also careful and respectful and their dialogue during the process was reassuring. I feel very fortunate to have come across this site. It is nice to find someone trustworthy.

Victor Eggenberger - Eggenberger Automation LLC

"This is a great piece and my wife loves it. We will certainly keep you in mind for future purchases."

Simon Jas - Hamilton, Canada

"Super-fast delivery, exceptional service, reliable trader, many thanks..."

Christina Whitcomb - Washington, DC

"I have to tell you again how much I love my Georgian rose cut diamond ring. I love to look at it. It is my most favorite ring of all my rings, surpassing even my 1 carat modern brilliant cut diamond ring..."

Andreas Glatz - TX, USA

"I received the package today. The book is in quite good shape. I admit I have been somewhat sceptical not having been able to familiarize with how VicMart works, but this has been a pleasant experience. A speedy transaction and very professional service. Thanks, Andreas Glatz."

Dave Kolcz - USA

"Thank you so much! You are the first person / organization / store to have even bothered writing me back and I really appreciate it..."

Jack Keir - UK

"Thank you very much for this fantastic item. It arrived safe and sound today. Lovely condition and worth every penny for such a rare item. Makes a superb addition to my collection. Thanks again."

Brian Sherman - Savannah, GA

"Vicmart has absolutely wonderful stock, and I'm very happy with my purchases. The site is very well detailed and emails are always answered promptly."

Nola Cott - Melbourne, Australia

"Many thanks for your help as we were only guessing and had no idea of value... thanks again."

Stig Svensson - Nykoping, SWEDEN

"Item arriced today, I was very pleased with it! Thank you very much!"

Wayne Clark - Canton, USA

"Thank you for your time and service. My friend for whom I was inquiring is in a bad way. He has an offer of $30 for the stuff. We had no idea of it's value and were concerned it may possibly be worth more, which he could very much use. Thanks Again and have a good Holiday. Wayne."

ILIL ARBEL - LexisNexis, NY

"Thank you so much! I can't tell you how delighted I am to receive this postcard. It's exactly what I was looking for! Ilil."

Julia Leo - USA

"Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the photos and comment on them. It's nice to at least have an idea what the pieces are. I really appreciate the contact and your interest. Sincerely, Julia Leo."

Richard - Brandon, USA

"I don`t doubt that this is the best site of it`s kind, I love it. I shall return and I will tell my good friends. Thank you, Richard."

Dennis Rigby - Utah, USA

"Absolutly wonderful to deal with. I purchased my dream coin. I hope to purchase more in the future."

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