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Daniel Speir - USA

"Excellent, quick service... I'm very pleased with the quality of the items I ordered."

Edward Minacs - USA

"Dear Vicmart, thanks for sending the medals so quickly!"

Radek - Czech Republic

"Dear VicMart, today I received my lot. Excellent quality. Many thanks. Best Regards. Radek."

Charles Vaill - St. Augustine, USA

"Thank you, I really appreciate it, and will continue to persue your fine items for sale. Charles."

Mike Rightmire - Northrop-Grumman, USA

"Thanks for all the effort... Thanks again for all the service and the COA! Mike"

Deb Beckmann - USA

"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and doing the appraisal so quickly... Having the information you provided is very helpful and has provided us with some of its history. Thank you for your generousity in providing this valuable free service to folks like me who really just want to identify the item."

Derek Gavin - USA

"Thank you. Not only a top notch site, but excellent services as well. Your appraisal is very helpful and very much appreciated. Derek."


"Hail my well fellow! Met as you are by glorious to war making accomplished! This medal to you gives accolades and encomiums! Hail Bulgaria!"

John O'Gara - USA

"Thank you for taking the time to provide me with this information. It is appreciated. John."

Jon Ingram - England

"Many thanks for your advice, it's a great help to me. Thanks for giving me peace of mind that I'm not being taken advantage of! Thanks again. Jon."


"Items arrived today. Excellent condition. Thank you."

Ognian Mitev - Englewood, CO

"I am very pleased with your service and I am looking forward to doing business with you again..."

Tod Rathbone -

"I have to say your store is really amazing. Good job!"

Tom Martin - Scotland

"Quick delivery and good communication. The medal is as described and much appreciated. Many thanks."

Ashleigh Mcintosh - Tucson, AZ

"You are obviously a terrific person and an excellent manager of a great business. I have already recommended you to someone else. Also, I am keeping a file on your website so that should I ever need your products and services again, I will know exactly where to go."

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