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Antique 25Ct Burma Sapphire Diamond Bracelet

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Item description:

An absolutely stunning and mesmerizing turn of the century and circa 1890-1900 antique Victorian Burmese sapphire bracelet. The bracelet comprises 18 cabochon cut NATURAL and UNTREATED Burma sapphires of superb deep Royal blue color and great clarity. Some of the cabochon cut sapphires have very unusual and bulgy cabochon forms and specially selected even colors and quality. Total estimated weight of all natural Burmese sapphires is about or a little over 21.61 carats (for a complete list of cabochon sapphire sizes and estimated weights see complete list below). Alternating with each sapphire there are another 18 pieces of round old European brilliant cut diamonds of smaller sizes. All diamonds have an average H white color and general VS2-SI1 clarities. Total estimated diamond weight is about 3.20 carats with diamond diameters and sizes ranging from 3.0 to 4.5mm (0.133 to 0.39 carats). Gross weight of the bracelet is 14.4 grams and bracelet length when fully stretched is 18.5cm (7.28"). Most certainly an antique European make. Absolutely scarce and lovely antique collector jewelry piece and one of the really rare Victorian 19th century fine natural Burmese sapphires and diamonds bracelets and jewels. Such a fine Burmese sapphire bracelet is seldomly seen offered for sale. Complete Cabochon Sapphire sizes list: 1. 4.7x4.7x4.0 0.95ct. 2. 4.5x4.5x3.3 0.72ct. 3. 4.8x4.8x4.9 1.22ct. 4. 5.0x5.0x3.4 0.92ct. 5. 5.0x5.0x3.4 0.92ct. 6. 5.0x5.0x4.0 1.08ct. 7. 5.5x5.5x3.7 1.21ct. 8. 5.7x5.7x4.9 1.72ct. 9. 6.0x6.0x5.7 2.21ct. 10. 5.5x5.5x4.8 1.57ct. 11. 5.0x5.0x3.4 0.92ct. 12. 5.5x5.5x5.0 1.63ct. 13. 5.0x5.0x4.5 1.21ct. 14. 5.0x5.0x5.0 1.35ct. 15. 5.0x5.0x3.8 1.02ct. 16. 5.0x5.0x3.7 1.00ct. 17. 5.0x5.0x4.3 1.16ct. 18. 4.8x4.8x3.2 0.80ct.


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