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Victorian Burma Ruby Pearl Bangle Bracelet

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Listed for sale is an exceedingly beautiful and rare antique mid Victorian (circa 1850) natural unheated Burma Mogok ruby and seed pearls bangle bracelet in 14 or 15 karat yellow gold. The bracelet contains a total of 81 top quality untreated pigeon blood red rubies of great clarity and sparkle. Except for the top centerpiece, all ruby shapes are cushion cut. There is a center cluster containing one large oval cut ruby measuring 6.5 x 6 x 3.2mm, having an approximate weight of 0.90 carats and surrounded by a cluster of 12 smaller of 0.05 carats each or a total of 0.60 carats. Surrounding the centerpiece cluster, there is another wider oval shaped cluster of 4 mid-sized rubies, each weighing about 0.11cts with a total of 0.44 carats, alternatingly set in between larger sized pearls of about 3-3.5mm in length. On both sides of the bracelet there are two rows of 64 calibrated and descending in size graduated rubies measuring from 2.5 x 1.8 x 1.1mm (0.045 carat each) for the smallest ones to 3 x 2.5 x 1.4mm (about 0.08 carat each) for the larger ones. Both rows of 64 rubies have an estimated combined weight of about 4.10 carats. Total estimated weight of all rubies is 6.0-6.10 carats. In the middle of each pair of ruby rows, there is another row of natural seed pearls graduating from 3.2mm down to 2mm in size. There is a total of 46 pearls set throughout the bangle. Gross weight of the piece is 28 grams and the inner diameter of the bracelet is 63mm x 54mm, while the outer measurements are 72mm x 64.5mm. The clasp of the bangle is hallmarked with what appears to be a dog’s or boar’s head with a Roman numerical IV on top of the animal’s head plus there is another small symbol in front of the animal’s mouth, but unfortunately is not readable. There are also two maker’s marks reading in capital letters “E.T”. The bracelet is of a top European make and quality that was available during this mid Victorian era. There appears to be a much much later import or duty mark with a capital letter R in a circle that has been partially applied and covering one of the maker’s marks at the clasp, but that was applied most likely sometimes in the 20th century and does not relate to the type or age of the bangle. Similar ruby and pearl early Victorian pieces of such a quality and mastership are seldomly seen for sale at major auctions and are very well sought after. Currently there are just a few offered by major antique jewelry galleries in London and New York with prices in the 30,000GBP or $40,000 range, but even by far not as attractive as the bangle brace presently offered for sale. Absolutely scarce and rare antique jewelry collector piece and one of the important Victorian ruby and pearl bracelets, bangles and jewels.


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