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1999 SLOVAKIA pilot cosmonaut astronaut badge

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See scan - absolutely perfect MINT condition. Comes in original case of issue with official document, serial number COA from the Slovak State Minting Company in Kremnitz. This is one of the rarest modern cosmonaut / astronauts Honorary / Honour Title decorations of a Pilot-Cosmonaut Merit medal badge. It is the GENUINE AND ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC Slovakian Pilot - Cosmonaut / Astronaut Honorary Title medal decoration / badge awarded at a special ceremony by the President of Slovakia, as well as the Minister of Defense Mr. Pavol Kanisa to the cosmonauts that flew the Russian Cosmos spaceship / spacecraft Soyuz TM-28 with a Russian Astronaut, as well as a France / French one. This highest Slovakian award decoration was made by special Government State order and minted by the Slovak Kremnitz Minting Company MINCOVNA KREMNICA S.P. under an extremely limited number of 50 pieces. The badge medal was awarded to all of the cosmonauts / astronauts, as well as to the Czech / Czechoslovakian cosmonaut Remek and just a few other members of the flight staff. Each piece is specially marked / hallmarked and numbered, as well as each of the Certificates going with it. The piece offered for sale through VicMart is number 36 out of 50. The medal badge has a great sterling silver work with great enamel and is marked 925 silver content. The diameter of the piece is 45 mm and total weight is 34 grams. The design is by Igor Chyla and Ivan Chyla. The exact name of this decoration as under this special Government Decree is OFICIALNE VYZNAMENANIE LETEC - KOZMONAUT SLOVENSKEJ REPUBLIKY. Cosmonaut Ivan Bella was born in Brezno in 1964, married with 2 children. He was promoted to the job of a Research Cosmonaut on 23.03.1998 and retired on 28.02.1999 after the flight mission was accomplished. The flight mission took place from February 20th 1999 and ended on 28th after 7 days 21 hrs, 56 mins flight duration. Ivan Bella is a Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force / Airforce - graduated from regulary military school in 1983; graduated from Military Academy in Kosice, 1987; pilot of 33rd Air Force Base in Malacky/West-Slovakia; then general space training from March 25 - August 1998 at TsPK. This is a one of a kind space exploration and astronaut decoration that is probably for sale for the first time. THIS IS THE REAL THING and it is absolutely the same piece as astronaut Ivan Bella has himself. Absolutely scarce space flights / astronautics militaria / military collector piece and probably one of the rarest cosmonaut badges and the rarest Slovakian medals. Also it is the highest Military Aviation pilot / pilots decoration medal. This badge comes from a private collection and I don't want even to think about how it was received from anyone awarded with it...


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